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Welcome to our web site!
Faith Mountain Ministries is a non-denominational church of born-again, Spirit-filled people of God, located in Lake Placid, New York, Orlando, Florida, and all over the World Wide Web.
The hallmark and foundation of this ministry is to preach, teach,  encourage, and raise up the people of God to know the truth of His Love for them, and to know His Goodness and Provision in every area of their existence.  We are to PREPARE THE WAY OF THE LORD
by training up His people to fulfill His call on their lives to become the kings and leaders of the earth they have already been declared to be in the Word of God.  THE KINGDOM OF GOD IS AT HAND! (NOT FAR AWAY; VERY NEARBY!)  He desires His revealed Word to be preached, believed, and received IN ITS FULLNESS, so that the clear path to His Perfect Will of SALVATION, HEALING, PROVISION, and  COMPLETE WHOLENESS may be realized and enjoyed by His people, in order that they may GO OUT and MINISTER THE GOOD NEWS to the peoples of the earth!
We are experiencing the Lord's mighty anointing in our praise and worship, on the Word of God, and in our lives.  The Lord is truly building a mountain of faith-filled 'mountain-moving' believers, who are able to experience and enjoy the abundant life that Jesus lived and died to provide for us. 
If you are sensing you need more in your life...or that there must be more to life... if you have a need to know Him more intimately....a need to explore the wonders of His Word....we invite you to join us as we bask in His Love. 
If you need the SPIRITUAL HEALING of your heart, an EMOTIONAL HEALING of your soul, or the PHYSICAL HEALING OF YOUR BODY, come and be healed by the Power and Love of Jesus. 

Our prayer is that you may come to know His Goodness in a new and powerful way....and that we may be an encouragement and helping hand to serve you and to help fully equip you to reach the glorious heights He has called you to enjoy....IN HIM.

With kindest regards,

Pastor Michael O. Hartley -

Pastors R. Gregg and Diane Helfer -

Orlando, Florida

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We are honored that you are visiting our web site...
Please use this site to access the information you need about the church and as a resource for broadening your faith. We look forward to hearing from you and answering any questions you might have.

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Happy Resurrection Day - Every Day!

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"For God so loved the world,
That He gave His only begotten Son

That whosoever believeth In Him
Should not perish...
But have everlasting life."
                  John 3:16

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We believe He has called us to teamwork...We all need each other...Come and join the family as we grow and enjoy the privilege of conducting the Father's business...together.

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Need Healing???
Need Healing???
Need Healing???

Need Healing??? See: The Children's Bread

Need Healing???
Need Healing???
Need Healing???

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 - It is our privilege and honor to serve God and Man -             
                      Faith Mountain Ministries, Inc.
  Orlando, Florida
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